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I'm a San Francisco based journalist who writes about media, culture, and politics. I've also worked on (and written about) documentaries.

An old bio I wrote in a form Justin Hall came up with goes up to about 1996. Someday I'll fill in what has happened since then.

I've collected links to some of my writing. It (like the entire well website) badly needs updating.

Ari is my middle name. It means lion in Hebrew and was the name of the character Paul Newman played in Exodus.

Tiger Beat was a name I came up with for a column on media that members of Paper Tiger TV might write. The column never happened, but when I started this blog in April of 2000 (the original version) it was the first name I thought of. The views expressed ofcourse are my own (and have nothing to do with the teen magazine of the same name which I didn't even realize was still around).

I'm not the Steve Rhodes who writes tons of movie reviews (though I do write about movies) or the one who writes for Chicago magazine (though I do write about media).

I'm a bit distorted in this photo which is a reflection on the Bean in Chicago's Millenium Park in August 2004.


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